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Selection of Testimonials

“Before hiring Sarah as my business coach, I was a dedicated workaholic as well as a perfectionist.  Balance simply didn’t exist.  I found myself exhausted at the end of the day with no time for me! We worked together on time management, confidence building exercises, and presentation skills. Sarah taught me to believe in my potential with a focus on self-care. I learned how to work smarter not harder and prioritize my work schedule. Now, I begin my day with meditation and at the end of the work day I have a strong sense of accomplishment. My business has grown immensely and my sales numbers continue to climb. If you are looking to change your behavioral patterns and achieve profound results, you need to hire Sarah as your business coach. She rocks!”

- Jenn Sexton, Territory Manager, Merck Animal Health


"When I went from almost homeless to $100k/yr in just 34 days after taking a huge risk, Sarah was there from day 1.  I can summarize by saying she was the calming influence combined with pure confidence in my lofty and ambitious goals.  She has the perfect combination of business acumen and mindset strategy.  I'm so happy to have her as my coach!"

- Stephanie Hess, CEO, ForwardPath


Sarah has held my hand, and held me accountable in this year for growing my business. This was exactly what I needed this year. She has a gently, friendly yet firm way about making sure that I stick with what I say, and get things done.

I now have paying clients, I know better what to charge when I get new clients, I feel like a coach. I have always taught Wellness classes for free, but now I have found places to get paid for teaching my classes, and still get clients from these events. I also found out by taking action which types of coaching I didnt want to do after all. I am much clearer and much freer than I was when I started."

-Julie Little, Health and Wellness Coach


"Finding the right words to describe the magic that is Sarah is difficult. The reason is because Sarah's magic cannot be categorized. She is unconventional, yet masterful in her ways. She has the ability to appeal to the deeply technical and scientific side of the brain while also providing techniques that feel essential to everyday survival. It's as though I don't know what I did before I started working with her. She has taught me more about myself than I ever knew I needed to learn, and she has taught me a plethora of new modalities that I will carry with me well beyond us working together. I go into every conversation completely unaware of what I'm going to learn, and somehow, because of Sarah's magic always walk away inspired, more loved, (by her and by me) and more deeply connected with myself, who I am and who I want to be in this world. And to top it all off, Sarah's methods work! Her system has empowered me to find true passion in this world, given me manageable steps to execute against that passion without turning my life upside down in a messed up way (only in the healthy way), and pushed me to acknowledge and reward myself for taking the actions needed to follow my dream job. It's safe to say, I don't know where I would be without Sarah today. "

- Jenna


"Sarah is not only a mentor, she is gift and a guide that has a heavenly ability to transform with her voice and her words in a profound heart-based way that validates the oneness that connects us all. Sarah’s gentle and loving approach has moved me towards transcending fear and embracing my strength like never before. I am truly grateful that Sarah is my coach." 

- Estela Rodriguez Jebril


"Since being coached by Sarah, I have accepted a promotion, increased my income by 50% and received the largest bonus of my life!  Even more noticeable than that is the peacefulness I now carry with me throughout my day.  I am deeply happy to be combining my role as President of a healthcare system while also seeing patients -- the best of both worlds for me.

From the beginning, I wanted my Managers and employees to be fulfilled, and due to changing MY communication style, from my coaching with Sarah, they are now empowered to do the job they were hired to do.  This is truly a miracle!"

- President of Healthcare System


"After just three months of working with Sarah I left a job I'd disliked for over three years. Just three months later I literally doubled my income at a new job. Good things come in threes. I never would have thought any of this would be possible but it was.

In just three months Sarah did what endless years of therapy could not: she helped me see the world through a new lens and literally break a difficult pattern I'd been in for over three years. I'm forever grateful."

-Sales Manager


Sarah makes seismic shifts, simple (and actually, super fun).

I would say that Sarah has created astonishing shifts in my life.  But it’s actually, WAY better than that. Sarah shows ME, on an almost daily basis, that I am the one creating seismic shifts in simple ways. My norms of what’s acceptable shifted from “lukewarm” to “on fire”. 

She has awesome ways to illuminate things I never understood or accepted about myself. Embracing my Essence (what’s what with the best version of me) and my Saboteurs (those things that want to drown me in the lukewarm…or worse) has been some of the most profound learning of my life. This isn’t the kind of learning you get from an article or a book (and I read a lot of them).

Sarah makes the best of real life super accessible every day, coming from within. Also, I was really blown away by her SUPER attentive, intuitive nature. Her texts and emails that happen to show up right when I need it between our sessions to keep me rooted in real. I realized early in, that I started really becoming the highest version of my life when I had “a lot of Khambatta”. 


- Anne


“Sarah Khambatta is simply the best. From the first session, when I needed an “instant miracle” and encouragement, to the very last one, she knew exactly what to do and deftly delivered. You know you are working with a compassionate and experienced master when your coaching conversations take on the co-creator feel. I never felt lost or misguided. And I certainly would not be where I am today without Sarah’s wisdom, wit and inspiration."

-Elizabeth Walker


Sarah Khambatta has this amazing capacity to be gentle, yet firm on her guidance. Her perception on some of my hiccups and how to move out of them were spot on.  Anyone who is an entrepreneur or runs a business needs to be seen in some way.  She helped me get confidence on finding my voice.  Thank you for all your help!

-Tueykay Jew, L.Ac., Health & Weightloss Coach


"Sarah has the rare ability to look deep into the heart of the matter.
I felt a deep awakening during her workshop on self care and boundaries.
I have been a student of metaphysics and personal growth for many years. This workshop helped me to understand the value of self care in a way that I never quite grasped before."

- Musician, participant in Workshop