Helping You FulfillYour Potential


As a Career and Business Coach my goal is to support you into achieving the professional results you  In an environment of trust, and confidentiality, anything is possible - even your most distant goals.  From the very beginning, we get crystal clear on what you want.  Then using my coaching tools, and action coupled with see results.  Those old pesky behaviors slip away and you become even more of the stunning, successful woman you know you can be!   

Since being coached by Sarah, I have accepted a promotion, increased my income by 50% and received the largest bonus of my life!  Even more noticeable than that is the peacefulness I now carry with me throughout my day.  I am deeply happy to be combining my role as President of a healthcare system while also seeing patients -- the best of both worlds for me...

-President of Healthcare System

If you were to have what you really want, what would that vision of your life look like?  For example, what would it feel like to wake up tomorrow morning and have that life?  How would you feel about yourself then?

Once you attain your ideal profession or salary or build your company and are living the life that your best efforts could not achieve before, what else would be possible from that place?  Peace, calm, balance, wealth, fulfilled relationships, absolute health and joy...(just to name a few)!

Whether you seek to 10X your income, get out of a job that drains you, find your life purpose, or start a company of your own, we collaborate to free you of what is in the way of you achieving your ideal professional life.  We look at the ways you are currently "being" in their lives.  I provide support and guidance as their Coach for removing those repetitive blocks or behaviors.


"In just three months Sarah did what endless years of therapy could not: she helped me see the world through a new lens and literally break a difficult pattern I'd been in for over three years. I'm forever grateful.

-Sales Manager

Whether you know exactly what you want, or have some idea I can help you get there.   We will get you into action using an ontological approach.  I will be there to support you every step of the way!

If you're ready for a change, let's have a conversation, and see what is next for you.  Contact me today for a session which will empower you with tools to get the results you desire.